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Structure of the GLORI Documentation

General Description

We are here describing the organization of the GLORI documentation, linked to the whole architecture of the project, not of the instrument itself. The following blocks where identified:

  • Instrument (INS): Technical description of the instrument itself, interfaces with the plane, and all the way to raw data and ancillary data storage.
  • Processing (PRO): Data processing routines, from ancillary data to L1b data, and plotting routines.
  • Ground truth data (GTD): Description of all the geo-referenced in-situ ground truth data collected during the various campaigns.
  • Forward Model (FWD): Model used to compute expected apparent reflectivity from geometrical configuration and surface parameters.
  • Validation routines (VAL): Routines used to validate processed data versus modeled data.
  • Inversion Model (INV): Description of the model to be used for restitution of geophysical parameters from L1b data.