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GLORIE 2015 Campaign

General Overview

The in situ data of the GLORIE 2015 Campaign was collected in different ways according to the sites. The following sections describe the methods and available data for each of the sites.

Description of the GLORIE 2015 zones (build from qgis)

Agricultural Areas


  • General Map

Description of the Lamasquère area

  • List of plots
Plot name short name Crop Type
Blanquet 1 lam_bla_1 Soybean
Blanquet 2 lam_bla_2 Wheat
Blanquet 3 lam_bla_3 Soybean
Blanquet 4 lam_bla_4 Wheat
Blanquet 5 lam_bla_5 Wheat
Blanquet 6 lam_bla_6 Sunflower
Lamasquere 1 lam_lam_1 Wheat
Lamasquere 2 lam_lam_2 Corn


  • General Map

Description of the Auch area

  • List of plots
Plot name short name Crop Type
Soulès 1 auch_sou_1 Wheat
Soulès 2 auch_sou_2 Wheat
Soulès 3 auch_sou_3 Wheat
Soulès 4 auch_sou_4 Wheat or Sunfl ?
Soulès 5 auch_sou_5 Wheat
Station RT6 auch_RT6 Sunflower
Station Meteo 1 auch_met_1 Sunflower
Station Meteo 2 auch_met_2 Sunflower
Station Meteo 3 auch_met_3 Soybean
Sanchez 1 auch_san_1 Rapeseed


  • General Map

Description of the Marcheprime area (to be updated)

  • List of plots
Plot name short name Crop Type
C6_PdT mar_C06_pdt Potato
C6 MD mar_C06_md Sweet Corn
C7 MS mar_C07_ms Seed Corn
C7 PdT mar_C07_pdt Potato
C8 HV mar_C08_hv Green Bean
C8 MC mar_C08_mc Grain Corn
C9 C mar_C09_c Carrot
C9 MD mar_c09_md Sweet Corn
C10 MD mar_c10_md Sweet Corn
C11 MD mar_c11_md Sweet Corn
C11 PdT mar_c11_pdt Potato
H17 mar_h17 Forest
T23 mar_t23 Forest
T21b mar_t21b Forest

Forest / Biomass Areas


Altimetry Areas